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CH Glenaholm Shakila of TauTonga


Sex:          Bitch

Sire:          M.CH (CYP), GR.CH (GRE), INT.CH (C.I.B.) 

                  Leeurif Zulubond Double O Seven (Imp. Greece)

Dam:        Leeurif Jinana of Glenaholm (SA)

DOB:         26/09/2018

Hight:       66 cm

Colour:     Red Wheaten

HD:            A1/A1

ED:             0/0

DM:            clear

D-Locus:   DD (Blue Dilute clear)

B-Locus:   BB (No Liver Carrier)

PEDIGREE: (please click!)

TITLE:        SA-CHampion (please click!)

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